Thursday, August 11

Info - wininit.exe

  • Wininit.exe is a core process that is present in each Windows session. Wininit.exe's job is to start some of the main Windows background services (programs) like Service Central Manager (SCM), the Local Security Authority Subsystem (LSASS) and the Local Session Manager (LSM.EXE).
  • Wininit.exe is a critical Windows background program that should never be stopped through the Task Manager system.
  • Wininit.exe is located within the System32 folder of the main Windows folder found on drive C\:. Wininit.exe has no visible user window, runs completely in the background of Windows and is able to log computer inputs as well as manipulate other programs.
  • "Wininit.exe Cannot Be Run from Within Windows." You will receive this message when your system is infected with a virus. Viruses Win32.Weird and Bymer are known Wininit.exe - related viruses.

THE wininit.ini FILE IN RELATION TO wininit.exe
  • The wininit.ini file is the information file processed by wininit.exe. This file contains destination paths and filenames for system .dll files and other files that controls Windows. 
  • If you have problems loading drivers and other Windows core processes, you may have to do a "System Restore" that will return your computer to a previous state with an older copy of Wininit.ini to be processed by Wininit.exe.
  • You can't able to see "wininit.exe" in TASK MANAGER directly. Click on "Show processes from all users" to see wininit.exe file running.


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